Walkaide neurostim + Plantar Pressure Monitoring + Thermometry: A closed loop "pacemaker" for the high risk foot?

We have become increasingly interested in the Walkaide system (Hanger Orthopaedics) and its potential future as a delivery system for extracorporeal nerve and muscle stimulation. It is currently being used for post-stroke footdrop, but we see some significant potential for its use in our high risk patients with diabetic sensory (and motor) neuropathy.

Imagine, if you will, stimulating the extremity and modulating plantar pressure or impulse/pressure time integral in real time. Imagine connecting it wirelessly to a real-time pressure-sensitive insole or sock. Imagine then porting in an inflammation measurement device like thermometry? These products now exist independently. If we put them together, we then have a closed-loop system for prevention– a “pacemaker” for the high risk foot.

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