Scholl’s Students in Gait2010 Congress

Scholl’s students, Daniel Miller (class 2012) and Deena Horn (class 2012) presented podiatric researches in Gait2010 congress in Washington DC, one of the most prestigious international conferences focusing on gait analysis. This year over 35 countries from more than 15 different disciplines were participated in this interdisciplinary congress.

The poster of Daniel Miller was selected as a poster walk, which is equivalent as an oral presentation. He introduced his summer research study regarding the benefits of foot orthoses on better gait initiation. Additionally, he demonstrated how the lack of full adaptation to foot orthoses may challenge gait initiation, when the subject is distracted by a cognitive task (Dual Task Paradigm). Dr Najafi, the director of Scholl’s Human Performance lab concluded, ‘ We believe both findings not only will open new avenues on objective assessment of various benefits of foot orthoses on gait and balance, they could also initiate many novel studies related to assessing gait performance in Parkinson’s patients’. The poster of Deena Horn related to the impact of various sensory feedbacks on postural control was also received a great attention from the experts in the field. Both abstracts were selected to be published on online supplement to J. of Parkinsonism & Related Disorders.

Daniel Miller, Scholl’s class 2012, during poster-walk presentation at Gait2010

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