Podiatric and Vascular Surgery collaborate in Key Vascular Textbook

Three podiatrists have authored chapters in Rutherford’s Vascular Surgery 7th Edition, the specialty’s most authoritative text. The 2 volume, 2500 page text book contains the chapters Diabetic Foot Ulcers authored by George Andros, MD and Lawrence A. Lavery, DPM, MPH, and Podiatry Care authored by Lee C. Rogers, DPM, and David G. Armstrong, DPM, PhD. The chapters appeared in the section on Lower Extremity Arterial Disease edited by Joseph L. Mills, Sr., MD.
“Being invited to author chapters in Rutherford’s is another first for podiatry and it illustrates how far we’ve come as a profession,” said Dr. Rogers
The textbook is published by Saunders Elsevier and was released last month. Dr. Armstrong said, “the APMA and Society for Vascular Surgery coalition has created many important opportunities for podiatrists and vascular surgeons to collaborate, and this is another example of the alliance between these two specialties.”
from Lee C. Rogers, DPM

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