Can pulsed disinfection change the way we manage our clinics? Our operating rooms? Our patients? Ourselves?

Again from Medgadget:

Xenex Healthcare Services LLC has announced that it is making its portable disinfection system available for purchase. The Xenex system uses pulsed UV light to sanitize entire rooms without the need for chemical application.

Some more details from the company’s website:

The Xenex disinfection device produces pulsed xenon UV light that rapidly decontaminates rooms in minutes. The device completely inactivates all bacteria, viruses, and spores without surface contact. The unit also deodorizes the air in the treated area. It was designed to be used in both medical and public settings, including: surgical suites, intensive care units, nursing homes, prisons, schools, public transportation, health clubs, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food handling facilities, and in civil defense and bioterrorism defense applications. The trained and certified Xenex service technician wheels the unit into position in the unoccupied room according to our proprietary treatment protocols. The technician enters the room variables into the device control panel based on the treatment plan for that specific room. The technician then leaves the room and closes the door (with the door safety sensor in place) and completes safety procedures before starting the treatment. When the UV pulse treatment is finished, the device shuts down automatically and the room can be entered immediately.

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