Bionic Ankle: New Gadgetry Following Amputation

From ABC Medicine:

Panama City, Fla:

Losing a limb is difficult. It requires a life adjustment, but new technology is making it easier to lead a normal life. In the last few years, Microprocessor Ankles have become available for patients, and now it’s available in Bay County.

John Fredrick from the Institute for Prosthetic Advancement, or IPA, says the Microprocessor Ankle “mimics an actual human ankle. It will move like a foot.” He says it works like a computer to make movement easier for patients with a below the knee amputation like patient John Miller. Miller is very pleased with the Microprocessor Ankle.

“I love it. It’s excellent. It does everything for me. It’ll adjust to walking up inclines, adjust to going down inclines, coming up stairs. I call it my bionic foot,” Miller explains.

Fredrick says, “Once it is programmed, it responds to how the heel and toe react to the floor.” He says this technology is expensive, but insurance will cover the cost in some cases.

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