Amputation Prevention: There’s an app for that – First Medical Consult Via iPhone

In what may be the first documented iPhone4 medical video consultation, University of Arizona surgeon David G. Armstrong, consulted with Los Angeles Surgeon Lee Rogers patient who had undergone foot reconstruction at the University’s Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA). “This really is a game changing tool”, notes Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and Director of SALSA. “While the University of Arizona has had one of the world’s top telehealth systems, the ability to communicate quickly with something that is an afterthought has the potential to alter how we work with our colleagues and patients. Just as with the iPod in music and the laptop in computing, it is not the change in technology, but the change in form factor and ubiquity that alters this landscape.” Dr. Rogers was attending the American Diabetes Association meeting in Orlando, when he took the “FaceTime” call from Armstrong, who had returned from Orlando to his SALSA clinics the day earlier.

Caption: Armstrong (foreground) and Rogers (upper right) consult on a postoperative patient at the University of Arizona’s SALSA clinics.

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