Mobile Phone Based "Education Packets": Updates from India

The mobile phone philosophy to improve the care of patients with Diabetes and it’s complications seems to be catching up. In the last few weeks, we reported SALSA’s “Facetime” based real time medical consults and telemedicine program using mobile phones in France. Here is an update on using mobile phones for educating diabetics, from our colleagues in India. This initiative was recently presented at the American Diabetes Association’s Annual 2010 Meeting in Orlando.

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Using mobile phones to spread diabetes education

Dr Shankhdhar from the LK Diabetes Centre in Lucknow recently presented at the American Diabetes Association to highlight the work that is being done in India using mobile phone-based films to educate patients on how to manage their diabetes.

The films are made using basic mobile phone and computer editing technology and the centre encourages patients to take part in the filming by providing scripts and even music. The key to the project is the ease with which the films can be produced and passed from one mobile phone to another. This means the centre can disseminate diabetes information to a wide range of patients and clinicians.

Patients are also able to take mobile phone films of their own diabetic practice, such as self-administration of insulin, and forward these to their doctors, who can then correct any mistakes or offer advice on techniques.

The innovative work of the Skankhdhars’ diabetes centre in Lucknow was recently covered in the February issue of the Wounds International Journal. To read this article, click here

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