"Armstrong’s Armamentarium" Keynotes South African Working Group Symposium


CAPE TOWN, SA / The devastating consequences of diabetes were on full display at the South African Diabetic Foot Working Group in Cape Town this weekend. Keynote Lecturer David G. Armstrong, summed it up “In this continent ravaged by acute problems, this most sinister chronic condition is now front and center and can no longer be ignored.” Delegates from around Africa and Mauritius participated in workshops, seminars and plenary lectures. Armstrong went on to note “It is an inspiration to be here with leaders like Lynne Tudhope, our Chairperson, who has worked so diligently with her colleagues in podiatry, endocrinology, orthopaedics and vascular surgery to make a difference in amputation prevention. I think the working group serves as a model not only in Africa but worldwide.”
Photo (from Left)
David G. Armstrong and Lynne Tudhope, MD, Working Group Chairperson

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