Engineering in the "SALSA Bowl"?

Solving problems and turning ideas into reality: SALSA provides a tech ground for budding engineers at University of Arizona

Over the last year, we have had a huge influx of engineering students coming into the “SALSA Bowl”from various engineering disciplines (Biomedical, Chemical, Systems etc) across the University of Arizona. This is in addition to the medical students and basic science students who we already work with on several projects. These students have all been influenced by the diabetic epidemic indirectly in their lives, which has triggered their interest in wound healing and amputation prevention, particularly through innovation and medical device development.

This really provides a unique opportunity to these students & the SALSA team to foster novel development in this area. These students are really motivated and driven through great enthusiasm to make a difference. Some of the early projects lined up include image processing/modeling for thermal images of the wound, telemedicine applications for wound assessment and biomechanics of the feet. We welcome all students and look forward to meaningful research.

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