Hostage on the Pedal Peninsula: A Case for Stockholm Syndrome

Many of you close followers of the Toe and Flow and SALSA are familiar with my frequent lamentations on how we who take care of the foot feel “hostage” on this anatomic peninsula– at the very mercy of the circulation that comes from more proximally. Well, during the holidays, perhaps we should reflect on our anatomic, physiologic and therapeutic captivity, on our captors, and on our overall situation. The fact is that, while the work is often frustrating, things are pretty good.

Sometimes, as our colleagues in psychology might say, we tend to empathize with our captors– a condition referred to as Stockholm Syndrome. I suppose we could all use a bit of Scandinavian psycho-stimulation this time of year. Here’s (therefore) to our captors and our captivity. Cheers, -DGA

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