News about the Documentary "OUT ON A LIMB"

I just received this today from documentary producer Daria Price. 

OUT ON A LIMB is a documentary film about the science of prosthetics. From Walter Reed Army Medical Center to university labs across the country to the Amputee Coalition’s camp for kids, OUT ON A LIMB takes us on a trip through an intriguing science that is changing what it means to lose a limb. What was futuristic just a few years ago is occurring now. Why now? Advances in prosthetics always coincide with wars, but developments in robotics and neuroscience are sending a synergistic mix out of the lab and onto the bodies of amputees.


We bring this film to your attention because OUT ON A LIMB is close to completion, and we could use your support. This can mean forwarding this email to any friends or colleagues you think might be interested, mentioning the film on your website or blog if you have one, letting your network know about us via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or making a monetary contribution to the finishing fund.


Your support of OUT ON A LIMB will bring this documentary that much closer to completion. Then it will get out in the world and can go about its business of making viewers re-examine prosthetics and those who use them.


For more information about OUT ON A LIMB, and to learn how you can support this film (and the perks you’ll receive if you do), visit:

If you have questions, please contact Daria Price at:


About the Producer-Director: DARIA PRICE

Daria Price is an award-winning filmmaker with a diverse background, who works in both documentary and fiction films. She was a field producer and videographer on Canada's Vision TV documentary series, TWIST OF FAITH, and on HDnet's World Report documentary, THE SILENT EPIDEMIC: DIABETES IN KIDS, and she has produced, directed, and shot science and tech stories with Elsash-TV for APTN, BBC, and HDnet. 


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