International Diabetic Foot Training: message from Lucknow

A Note from our friend Kshitij Shankhdhar from Lucknow,  India

It’s for the First time in South Asia, 10 experts of international repute in Podiatric Medicine  (foot care) will get together to offer an exceptional training program in Diabetic Foot Care. In USA there are 10 colleges of Podiatric Medicine and over 13 thousand Podiatrists. In South Asia there are no Colleges of Podiatric Medicine and little opportunity for a structured training in Foot Care. Every 20 seconds an amputation is done due to diabetes. 85% of these amputations are preventable through education and better foot care. This training program will cover right from basics of diabetic foot care to advanced management techniques in Foot and Ankle surgery. Our faculty includes experts from both developing and developed world so that we have a global view regarding problems and solutions while rendering diabetic foot care. Besides interesting lectures, hands on training will be offered under 3 workshops to sharpen clinical skills of colleagues in examination, investigation and management of the diabetic foot. This training program is one of its kind and a great opportunity to interact in person and learn directly from the best in field of Diabetic Foot Care. We look forward for participation by readers!

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2 thoughts on “International Diabetic Foot Training: message from Lucknow

  1. This program will bring the best minds with the most experience in the issues on the diabetic foot. I would highly recommend this program for any medical professional with interest in increasing the quality of life for people with diabetes and reducing the cost of health care.

  2. This is a good initiative by Dr. Shankhdhar and it can solve many foot problems as many of the working surgeon do not have options then just do amputation. I know no medical college is teaching on saving the FOOT. I wish more and more general physician should attend this meeting as patient always contact them first on having a foot problem. As we know at early stage it is easy to avoid amputations. And we must stress on good control of diabetes which speeds up healing and avoid amputation. Dr. Shankhdar has done a good job and now it is our turn to spread the awareness about this meeting and gather more doctors and nurses to take the learning from our experiences.
    I wish him good luck.
    Dr. Suresh Purohit, Interventional Diabetologist, Mumbai

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