In the Universe of Knowledge: Do Ideas Equal Dark Matter?

Greetings on a lovely day in Tucson. 

I heard a wonderful lecture by Prof Marlys Witte yesterday and she finished with a quote that I had long forgotten from Blaise Pascal. The 17th Century Mathematician spoke of knowledge, saying 
“Knowledge is like a sphere: 
The greater its volume, the larger its contact with the unknown”
This struck me as quite profound, as it matches quite well with previous missives we’ve had on entropy . Essentially, the expanding universe of knowledge– just as its physical counterpart– grows more isolated and cold and disordered as time goes on. 
While this seems quite a pessimistic view, I’d argue that there is enormous potential in the system. Why? 
If Dark Matter and Dark Energy– that etherial invisible stuff– exists in the real universe, then it must also exist in the Universe of Knowledge. 
I’d suggest that if Knowledge equals Matter, then Dark Matter must equal Ideas. 
It is Ideas hat bind together these seemingly disparate things. It is us who are charged with discovering these ideas and connecting the dots. 
Here’s to connecting the dots. Here’s to Ideas. Here’s to making a difference. 

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