US Foot Surgeons Keynote Italian Limb Salvage Symposium

Photo caption (from left):
Dr. Robert Frykberg, Prof. Armstrong, Symposium co-Chair, Dr. Giacomo Clerici, and Prof. Marco Romanelli

Dr. Robert G. Frykberg, Chief of the Diabetic Foot Clinic at the Phoenix VA Medical Center and David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and Director of the University of Arizona’s Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) led a multinational contingent of physicians, surgeons and researchers at the International Diabetic Foot Symposium held outside of Naples in Italy this weekend. “It is appropriate that this meeting is being held on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius”, noted Dr. Armstrong, “We are continuing to feel the rumblings of what will no doubt be a major eruption of complications from diabetes in Europe and throughout the world”. Dr. Armstrong went on to say that “The cost of non-communicable diseases, of which Diabetes is at the front of the queue between now and 2030 will be more than $47 Trillion. Diabetic foot complications take up at least one-fifth of the diabetes budget each year. I think we can see where we in this area of specialty can make a massive difference– not only in terms of reducing this fiscal calamity– but in the lives of each and every patient for whom we care.”

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