Will our kids’ kids grow up with a cyber companion? Lifelogging to the next level

We just finished up our UA College of Science Lecture Series on “living beyond 100”.  This is a series of 6 lectures that I can’t recommend highly enough. The final talk, by my friend and renowned expert in Artificial Intelligence (a.k.a. “artificial life”) Prof. Paul Cohen, was entitled “Information and Immortality”. One of the most compelling visions left with us built on bits that I had (very briefly) discussed two weeks earlier on “memory engineering“.

He proposed that the best way to “download ones’ life” into a computer was not necessarily by some sort of vulcan mind meld, but rather by having a “companion” lifelogger device (imagine a fancy mobile phone) actually grow up (and grow old) with you. It’d be a source for semantic memory (like wikipedia or epocrates) throughout our life, but, as it stored many shared experience, it could provide the context necessary for episodic memory and could serve as a sort of “memory prosthetic” as we age.

Anyway, fascinating stuff. Worth a look. Cheers, -DGA

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