Malvern 2012 Science Bites

Some key tidbits from the 2012 Malvern, UK Diabetic Foot Conference:

End stage renal disease is 2.5x greater than 10 y ago and amputation risk 3 fold and 9 fold in people w diabetes: Andros, Malvern, 2012

10 FOLD variation in AMPUTATIONS in UK and USA. Would this be tolerated in cancer? Jeffcoate at Malvern

UK: 38k new cases of diabetic foot ulcers/yr, comp to breast cancer at 41k but 5 yr mortality is more than 4x worse. M Kerr, Malvern, 2012

People with diabetes have a 23 fold greater risk for amputation than those without in the UK: Marion Kerr

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