Answer this: Are You Ready To Be More Machine Than Man And/Or Woman?

This Week In Bots: Are You Ready To Be More Machine Than Man And/Or Woman?

This is the fundamental question we at the University of Arizona/SALSA asked in our recent lecture series, but it is being explored more and more directly now. What is a mobile phone now if not a prosthetic– not just for communication but for semantic on-the-fly knowledge? Imagine cameras (like the looxie that we featured some time ago) that, when recording everything that we do might become permanent “life loggers” and memory engineering devices as we age? What are next-gen prostheses but replacement parts that may ultimately surpass the original? What is it that makes us, us?

What do you think?

David G. Armstrong

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  • I visualize a day when man would be equipped with many more gadgets and would look like present day concept of robot. His speed would be thousands time faster and would be performing several works at a time with the aid of gadgets. He would have little time to sleeping and eating; might consume calorie packed pills to substitute food. He would be specially concerned about safety from high tech terrorists and theifs.

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