Animal models of wound repair: Are they cutting it?

Animal models of wound repair:

We at SALSA would recommend this terrific review from our colleagues at University of Manchester in the journal Experimental Dermatology. Here’s the abstract:

Current understanding of the complex process of wound repair is based on decades of study. Integral to this understanding has been the use of in vitro and in vivo models to uncover the key molecular players. Now that major wound processes are more fully understood, therapeutic strategies can be developed to manipulate wound repair. Particularly important areas for future research include developing therapies to aid treatment of healing pathologies such as chronic wounds, and manipulating the normal healing processes to drive a more regenerative phenotype in adults. Here we discuss the benefits and limitations of current animal based models, and highlight the urgent need for improved predictive pre-clinical models for wound healing research. We conclude by suggesting directions where more robust models of chronic wound pathologies may arise, expediting the development of novel therapies.

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