SALSA’ Armstrong Delivers Message of Hope as 3rd Parenti Lecturer in Limb Salvage

David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD, Professor of Surgery and Director of the University of Arizona’s Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) delivered a data-driven dose of hope to an assembled audience of physicians, surgeons, nurses, philanthropists and administrators at the Geisinger Health Clinic this past week. Echoing on opening remarks of noted economist Professor Arturo Porzecanski of American University, whose donation underwrote the lectureship, named in honor of his treating orthopaedic surgeon, John Parenti, Armstrong noted “Not far from here in Boston, there was a loud reminder of the cost of limb and life. What happens every day– in fact every 20 seconds in people with diabetes- is often far less loud– but no less tragic.” Armstrong reported on data from his SALSA team and other regarding the value of cutting-edge proactive surgical and medical intervention as well as the near-term “revolution” in mobile health (mHealth). 

Participants in the John M. Parenti Lectureship (From L)
John M. Parenti, David G. Armstrong (2013 Parenti Lecturer), Nina Porzecanski, Cheryl Bongiovanni, (Invited Speaker), Arturo Porzecanski, Mahmoud Gannoum (Invited Lecturer), Michael Suk (Geisinger Clinic Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery) 

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