A New Handheld Device to Detect Subepidermal Moisture and Pressure Ulcers

SEM Scanner Bruin Biometrics Gets CE Mark for Handheld SEM Scanner to Detect Pressure UlcersThis from Nancy Wanchoo at Medgadget
Hospital patients that are bedridden and generally in poor health are especially susceptible to pressure ulcers. The current standard of diagnosis lacks a quantitative and standardized method, relying on subjective visual inspections and risk assessments (and disgusting photographs in the chart), to often diagnose an ulcer only after significant tissue damage has already been done. Since visual inspections are quite subjective, patients with darker skin tones are more likely to get diagnosed further into pressure ulcer development.
With CE mark approval, Bruin Biometrics (Los Angeles, CA) (BBI) hopes the Subepidermal Moisture (SEM) scanner will help clinicians accurately diagnose pressure ulcers earlier. The handheld SEM scanner uses electrical surface capacitance to assess water content under the skin and in the underlying tissue, a biophysical marker that is highly correlated with pressure ulcer formation. The objective and quantitative scanner will also help with earlier diagnosis of patients with darker skin tone.  Clinical studies have shown the device was able to accurately detect tissue edema as early as 10 days prior to the tissue damage being visible on the surface.
BBI is currently working on improving the product to include wireless syncing to the BBI Databank for rapid analytics and reporting to healthcare providers
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