Armstrong Becomes First Podiatric Surgeon to Lecture at Historic US-Mexico NIH – AAAS Meeting @UofA @Bio5 @APMAtweets

The University of Arizona’s David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and co-Director of the Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) became the first podiatric surgeon to lecture at Mexico’s National Institute of Medical Science. The lecture was part of a historic Mexico-NIH-AAAS symposium on next-generation technology based strategies in the management of diabetes. “This was such a wonderful symposium”, noted Dr. Armstrong. “To participate in the progressive discussion on how we treat non-communicable diseases in the Americas and worldwide is not only an honor, but it is life-affirming.” Also participating in the symposium were leadership from the NIH’s Fogarty foundation, the Carlos Slim Foundation, and the Mexico National Academy of Medicine.

David G. Armstrong lecturing on next-generation diabetes technology at Mexico’s National Institute of Medical Science


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