Record-breaking #DFCon14 Crashes Servers, Makes Impact, Worldwide

The 14th International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot (DFCon14) once again hosted delegates from some 50 nations, worldwide. “As ever, our community gathered together– and it is a global community”, reported David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and DFCon’s co-Founder and co-Director.  Technology was front and center more than ever in this conference. The servers carrying streaming video via Portal Education, worldwide, were overloaded, requiring on-the fly additions of backup high-definition streaming video servers to the thousands watching live and on demand around the world. Technology also played a more poignant and heart-warming role. Professor Michael Edmonds of King’s College, London, who took ill minutes before boarding his transatlantic flight, was able to accept the Edward James Olmos Award from a King’s College Hospital conference room introduced both by Mr. Olmos, who was in Australia filming a movie and Rick Dees, world-renowned top 40 disk jockey. 

Edward James Olmos Award Winners Honor Professor Michael Edmonds (center, on laptop) at DFCon14

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