Targeting Diabetic Foot Infections Through Connected Health Strategies – At Eller’s McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship

Eller Entrepreneurs to Reduce Diabetic Amputations

Kevin Reagan’s recent coverage at Arizona Public Media features McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship’s Intelliwound, a start up envisioning a world without diabetic foot amputations. “Every 20 seconds there is a diabetes related amputation globally”, International Working Group on Diabetic Foot Disease. This is unacceptable. 
Intelliwound, is researching and designing smart wearable band-aids that measure tissue health. By measuring vital wound parameters  and surrounding tissue characteristics, infections can be spotted early, thereby, reducing the progression to amputations. “You can’t manage, what you can’t measure”, noted Prof. David G Armstrong. Measuring tissue temperature to track inflammatory changes is central to diagnosing infections and providing physicians with objective metrics for better decision making. Intelliwound’s technologies provide data without compromising the patient’s standard of care and could be used with commercially available wound dressings.
Here is a link to the media segment.

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