Steinberg, Armstrong, Mills Anchor Historic Malvern, UK Meeting

Georgetown’s John Steinberg and University of Arizona Professors Joseph L. Mills and David G. Armstrong represented the USA in the historic 15th biennial Diabetic Foot Symposium held in Malvern, UK. “This symposium was both memorable and extra special for us at the Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance”, noted Dr. Armstrong “This was the first major international meeting that I lectured at two decades ago and it was wonderful to introduce it to my friends John and Joe, who made such a great impact this year.” The three Americans outlined topics ranging from the history and future of podiatric surgery in limb salvage to complex vascular reconstruction married with cutting edge technology in regeneration. The meeting, which was co-chaired by Ipswich’s Gerry Rayman and Manchester’s Andrew JM Boulton launched some three decades ago when Boulton and then co-Chair Henry Connor invited speakers from the UK and abroad to participate in what was then a novel subject. 

David G. Armstrong, Jamie Steinberg, John Steinberg, Joseph Mills, Margaret Mills and Alexandria Armstrong on a pre-conference hike up the ancient Malvern Hills in England

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