Texas-Arizona Research Collaboration Productive for 20 Years

Courtesy of Dr. Barry Block and PM News

Drs. David G. Armstrong and Lawrence A. Lavery have worked together since Armstrong was a fellow and Lavery was a new faculty member at the University of Texas in San Antonio under the direction of Dr. Lawrence Harkless. Together, they have published 101 peer-reviewed papers and executed research grants funded by the NIH, ADA, VA, AHRQ, APMA, ACFAS, and the Qatar National Research Foundation.
(L) Drs. Lawrence Lavery and David Armstrong (1996) and (R) (2009)
In a list of the of the most referenced papers published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, their work accounts for 6 of the top 10 articles.The h-index is a measure of an author’s publications or how often publications are cited by other authors. Together, Lavery and Armstrong’s h-indices are 58 and 70, respectively – numbers believed to be the highest in the field. 

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