SALSA’s Armstrong Keynotes 13th Japanese Society for Footcare @bio5 @apmatweets

David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and Director of the Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) at the University of Arizona College of Medicine served as keynote lecturer at the 13th Japanese Society for Footcare in Tokyo Japan. “This has been amongst the most interdisciplinary meetings I’ve attended in a long time”, noted Armstrong from the podium, as he surveyed the meeting’s delegates from around Japan “From plastic surgery to nephrology to diabetology to nursing, I think you have every organ system covered.” In addition to surgical outcomes data from his team, Armstrong described recent validation studies from SALSA and other centers using the Society for Vascular Surgery’s Wound / Ischemia / Foot Infection (aka WIFI) scoring system pioneered by his partner, vascular surgeon Joseph Mills. “This is a wonderful time to be working in this area, as we are beginning to stop speaking in tongues and learning a common language of healing.”

David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD, Delivering Keynote in Tokyo

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