We need a “BigWound” like we need “BigNeuron”: teaching computers to help us #disruptwoundcare

We at SALSA-iCAMP and other teams have the duality of being both excited about advances in health care but also enormously frustrated about the massive gap in diagnostics and theragnostics that exists in tissue repair and wound healing. This problem is not isolated to wound healing. In fact, our colleagues in neuroscience have found that defining what is a “sick” and “healthy” neuron is easy if you’re really experienced, but hard if you are not. Why not, then, seek some digital assistance?

As we speak, the “BigNeuron” project that is happening in Seattle is working to try to teach supercomputers to diagnose “sick” and “healthy” neurons. Why can’t tissue repair do the same? Perhaps clinicians, engineers and industry can come together to help this cause. I see groups like Baltimore’s Tissue Analytics as one of the latest groups taking up that challenge.

Let’s measure what we manage.

What do you think? Everyone: use your neurons.

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