KPC-producing Klebsiella rectal colonization is a risk factor for death in people with diabetic foot infections

KPC-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae rectal colonization is a risk factor for mortality in patients with diabetic foot infections.

Disturbing and fascinating early work from colleagues in Pisa and our SALSAmigo, Ben Lipsky.

KPC = Kleb. pneumonia carbapenemase



To evaluate the relationship between KPC-Kp gut colonization and mortality in diabetic patients with foot infection (DFI) we performed a single-center, retrospective, matched case-control study. In the study period, we identified 21 DFI patients with KPC-Kp gut colonization and 21 controls. The 90 day mortality rate was significantly higher in gut colonized patients (47%) than the controls (4%) (p= 0.013). A multivariate analysis demonstrated that gut colonization with KPC-Kp was the only independent predictor of mortality (odds ratio [CI]= 13.33 [1.90, 272.80], p= 0.024). In patients with DFI, KPC-Kp gut colonization appears to be an important risk factor for mortality.

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  • This is the kind of report that led the ISDF committee to ask me to speak about the coming “Post-Antibiotic Era” this Wednesday in The Hague.

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