Do we need a “Center for the Augmented Human”?

As many of you avid followers of this field know, the line between medical devices, consumer electronics and tech has become blurred. Also becoming blurry is how we define what makes us…us.

From wearable robots to always on computing to memory engineering to next-gen implants, we are arguably living in a time more exciting and innovative than at any time in our history.

These big questions and small ones makes the need for a collective group of scientists, clinicians, engineers, legal experts, sociologists and philosophers all the more vital. While some interdisciplinary groups have been working on this for some time, we think that it should be standard fare at institutes and Universities, worldwide.

The big idea is this:  Perhaps we can improve people’s reality by augmenting humanity.  

What do you think?

Here’s a sort of prequel from (way back in) 2012’s UofA College of Science Lecture Series.

David G. Armstrong: Repair, Regeneration and Replacement…Revisited

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