6 Tech Mega-Trends: From the World Economic Forum

Really a must-read.

Six tech megatrends boiled down from the World Economic Forum’s Deep Shift report.

These trends will greatly impact how individual lives are lived, how business is conducted, how groups of people function, and how we govern.
1. People and the internet – people’s association and interaction with the web as a mental, social and physical extension of themselves
2. Computing, communications and storage everywhere – the ability to interface with digital technology, data and the web anywhere, anytime on any device
3. The “Internet of Things” – the digital linking of inanimate objects, or, as my colleague Chris Rezendes so nicely puts it, “the instrumentation of the physical world”
4. Artificial intelligence and big data – the ability to access and analyze vast and disparate data, along with the ability for computers to make decisions based on this data
5. The sharing economy and distributed trust – digitally-enabled transparency and trust mechanisms that allow direct exchange of goods, services or money between parties outside of traditional establishments such as stores and banks
6. The digitization of matter – 3D-printing and the creating of physical materials on the spot (personalized or on a small scale) based on digitally transmitted parameters

Source: 6 technology mega-trends shaping the future of society – Agenda – The World Economic Forum

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