The Real Costs of Diabetic Foot Complications

CaptureThis wonderful infographic is courtesy of APMA.

Here’s some more information:

  • An Overview
    What is diabetes? What is peripheral neuropathy? What is a diabetic foot ulcer?
  • Diabetes and Your Feet FAQs
    Recently diagnosed with diabetes? Don’t worry—we’ve got answers to several common questions. En Español
  • Your Diabetes Management Team
    Successfully managing diabetes takes a team of medical professionals. Learn about the importance of each one. En Español
  • The Real Cost of Diabetes
    This infographic sheds light on the costs associated with diabetes and diabetic foot complications.
  • Footwear Matters
    Dr. Comfort created this infographic to demonstrate the benefits of therapeutic footwear for diabetes patients.
  • Foot Health Advice for Patients with Diabetes
    Spenco Medical put together this flyer with tips for managing foot health at home.
  • Diabetes Footwear and Products
    View our podiatrist-approved products for managing and treating diabetes.
  • Outsmarting Diabetes
    Take a look at this suite of videos that highlight how today’s podiatrists are developing and using smart medicine to help their patients with diabetes.

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