#DFCon17 Breaks Records, Unveils New Data and Tech in First Houston Symposium 

In its 17th year, the Global Diabetic Foot Symposium (DFCon) reported standing room only during its first time ever in Houston.

“To see the enthusiasm, diversity of thought and specialty as well as the new tech at this year’s meeting is just breathtaking” noted David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery at the University of Arizona and co-Founder of DFCon. “I think I speak for my friend and cochair Joe Mills (of Baylor University) when I say that we were both pleasantly surprised by the warm Texas reception.”  The meeting, which hosted delegates from 50 nations and was streamed live online, revealed several new technologies this year. Armstrong summarized: “To see everything from new data on anti infectives to next generation smart textiles and wearable robots, to say this meeting was diverse would be  putting it mildly. ”

From left: Profs. Joseph L. Mills and David G. Armstrong with Actor Edward James Olmos at the DFCon Podium

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