Friends, Trojans, Wildcats: Lend Me Your Ears (and your Soles)- Here’s What’s Next

Friends, Trojans, Wildcats: Lend me your ears (and your soles):

I plan to leave my beloved University of Arizona effective this summer to help develop a program that has the potential to affect millions of people. I have tentatively accepted a position at the University of Southern California (USC). USC’s renowned Keck School of Medicine, combined with the world-class resources of LA County/USC Medical Center and the National Rehabilitation Center at Rancho Los Amigos, have the team, the resources and scale to make a real, lasting, and positive difference to help our most high risk patients navigate their world a little better.

Please know that I have been and am grateful for the lifelong friendships I have made at UofA. I’m equally grateful for the enormous impact those friendships have made beyond our walls. These past nine years have been the most enjoyable of my career and Tania and our three ladies, Alexandria, Natalie and Nina leave behind a lifetime of memories in this wonderful community.  

I owe our great University and patients more than I can ever repay.

Here’s to what’s next. Here’s to spreading the SALSA.


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  1. Congratulations David on the new chapter of your career. Making a difference where ever you go!

  2. Congratulations! I am sure your next move is going to be enormous beneficial to millions of Diabetic Foot Patients all over the world. Wish you all the very best. Thank you so much for your continuing support over the years. We hope to stay in touch.

  3. David, Thrilled to hear of the next chapter in your expansive career. And your closer now! Wishing all the best and look forward to possibly seeing you on a more personal basis.
    Glenn Ocker

  4. Dear David, Congratulations on your move. There are many patients in Los Angeles who will benefit from your care. You will also be elevating the USC program, which is already rising rapidly, to an even higher level. Good luck in Los Angeles!

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