Modified SCIP flap for diabetic limb salvage in ischemic #DiabeticFoot

By request, we post JP Hong’s modification of the superficial circumflex iliac perforator (SCIP) free flap described by Koshima and coworkers and popularized in the limb salvage community by JP.

We at SALSA, thanks to Ketan Patel and crew, have found this to be a useful technique. It is a step up from a split thickness skin graft and a step down (in terms of metabolic demand) from a large free flap.


SCIP flap harvested by Ketan Patel. Note the central pedicle and thickness.
screenshot 2017-11-07 at 7.27.47 AM.jpg
Dorsalis pedis bypass by Vince Rowe, podiatric debridement and one-stage reconstruction with SCIP flap

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