What is the status of the infected diabetic foot wound at one year?


Congratulations to our colleagues Ndosi and coworkers for this important work.

What’s new?

  • This is the first prospective study to estimate the incidence of healing and prognostic factors associated with healing in people with a clinically infected diabetic foot ulcer, and specifically in the presence of competing risks of amputation and death.
  • Outcomes for people with a clinically infected diabetic foot ulcer are poorer than previously thought; in the first year after presentation with an infected ulcer, 15.1% of our participants had died and 17.4% underwent at least partial lower extremity amputation.
  • Healing incidence within 1 year was 44.5% (95% CI 38.9 to 50.1). Three key factors served as the best independent predictors of healing: PEDIS (perfusion, extent, depth, infection, sensation) perfusion grade; the absence of multiple foot ulcers; and shorter ulcer duration.


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