@SensoriaInc and @OptimaMolliter are teaming up to create the first pair of smart diabetic shoes @CES HT @hsumra

Again…smart tools to help high risk patients move through the world are slowly taking over CES and we couldn’t be more excited and proud of what we’re seeing. Well done.

Here’s to fulfilling our shared dream of eliminating preventable amputations in diabetes over the next generation.

27463-d18ac04dad32a61ff5359a12a8815bb6.jpgRead more from  Husain Sumra (@hsumra)

Sensoria’s smart shoes

via Sensoria and Optima are teaming up to create the first pair of smart diabetic shoes

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  • Great technology. I had the idea of artificial sensation using insoles back in 1995 when I sat down with our engineers to try and figure out how to use the pressure sensing insole technology available at the time to collect and quantify time and pressure to develop injury thresholds to protect neuropathic patients from tissue injury. We never could figure out how to make it practical at the time and our guys lost interest and moved on to other things. 20 years later the technology exists and the idea becomes a reality. Just goes to show you. Lots of people have great ideas but its the synergy of ideas and timing that makes it happen. Thanks for sharing this David.

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