Armstrong Visiting Professor at Biomechanics “Wonderland” at University of Nebraska

David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and Director of the Southwestern Academic Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) became the first podiatric surgeon to serve as visiting professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha’s renowned Center for Research in Human Movement Variability.   “To have Professor Armstrong here is an honor and privilege.” noted Iraklis Pipinos, Professor of Surgery who, with Dr. Kota Takahashi, served as Professor Armstrong’s co-hosts. “Professor Armstrong’s work has been the basis of much of what we’ve been working on in mechanics and thermoregulation” noted Dr. Takahashi. “To have him here is an inspiration to our students, postdocs, junior and senior faculty alike.” Armstrong spent two days touring the Medical Center and Biomechanics Building, which is one of the largest of its kinds in the world.  “I feel like I’ve set foot in Wonderland” noted Dr. Armstrong “To see the commitment here to human movement and the next-gen research underway inspires me– and I think any visitor– to redouble our efforts to improve the way we manage and measure how people move through the world.”

David G. Armstrong and Kota Takahashi with a Biomechanics Student Exoskeleton demonstration at the Center for Research in Human Movement Variability


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