Lawrence B. Harkless Honored with First Ever Named Limb Preservation Fellowship @KeckMedUSC

For the first time in the history of academic medicine and podiatric surgery, a major university has created a named fellowship in limb preservation. In a wider vascular “Ambassadors” event highlighting the Department of Surgery of Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California, the Lawrence B. Harkless Limb Preservation Fellowship was officially unveiled. “This has been a long time coming”, noted Lawrence B. Harkless, DPM, the names honoree. “I think some of us feel like a 40 year overnight success right about now.” The program, which provides support for fellows who intend to pursue a specialty in diabetic limb preservation, will graduate the first of its fellows this year. David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery, founder and co-Director of the Southwestern Academic Limb Salvage Alliance related that “We have seen an immediate and positive impact– not just on the young men and women who directly benefit as fellows, but in the very real care that they are providing across a 10 million person population in LA County. This kind of philanthropy is not only saving limbs, but it is improving and prolonging lives.”

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  1. A well-deserved honor. One of the finest physicians on Earth helping people to walk and live a more satisfactory life. Congratulations!

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