Study: Global Disability Burden of Diabetic Foot Complications: Massive Increase, Worldwide Over a Generation @QUT @USC @USC_vascular @keckmedusc @apma #DiabeticFoot #ActAgainstAmputation

In a wide-ranging collaborative study between Queensland University of Technology, University of Southern California, University of Greenwich and University of Amsterdam published in the flagship diabetes journal Diabetes Care, our collaborate research team report on the global burden of a lesser known complication of diabetes- foot complications. At least 131 million people worldwide have lower extremity complications of diabetes. This calculates out to some 16.8 million years lost to disability.

The bottom line: this is a common, complicated and costly condition. It now ranks as a World Health Organization (WHO) top 10 disability burden. It affects all age groups– especially middle-aged working adults and older retirees.

David G. Armstrong

Dedicated to amputation prevention, wound healing, diabetic foot, biotechnology and the intersection between medical devices and consumer electronics.

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