All Feet on Deck: The Role of Podiatry During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Preventing hospitalizations in an overburdened healthcare system, reducing amputation and death in people with diabetes #COVID19 #ActAgainstAmputation

The Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association (JAPMA) has e-published a fast track article on podiatry’s role during the COVID-19 pandemic authored by Drs. Lee C. Rogers, Lawrence A. Lavery, Warren S. Joseph, and David G. Armstrong. “The COVID-19 pandemic is driving significant change in the healthcare system and disrupting the best practices for diabetic limb preservation, leaving large numbers of patients without care,” the authors state. The Pandemic Diabetic Foot Triage System helps podiatrists determine the priority and site of service for patients at-risk.   

 “The goal of podiatrists during the pandemic is to reduce the burden on the healthcare system by keeping diabetic foot and wound patients safe, functional, and at home.” The article is available open access by clicking here

The Pandemic Diabetic Foot Triage System

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