Transforming #Diabetes Screening: A Whisper of Innovation?

Diabetes, a silent disruptor of lives, has met its match in a groundbreaking study by Klick Labs. By merely analyzing 10 seconds of one’s voice, a new AI model can predict type 2 diabetes with up to 89% accuracy for women and 86% for men. This innovative blend of voice technology and artificial intelligence promises a future where screening for diabetes is as easy as speaking into your smartphone, making early detection more accessible and cost-effective. The study, a giant stride towards modernizing diabetes care, was published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Digital Health, heralding a paradigm shift from conventional, often cumbersome, screening methods to a swift, simple, and smart solution​1​.

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  1. Retinal exam and voice analysis by AI, majority of killer diseases can be cost effectively screened. A big leap in medical technology.

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