University of Arizona’s Armstrong "Spreading SALSA" and Prevention to Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery, University of Arizona, in front of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Dublin
DUBLIN, Republic of Ireland/ David G. Armstrong, DPM, PhD, Professor of Surgery at the University of Arizona and Director of its Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) was the star attraction at the Royal College of Physicians on Wednesday, where he delivered his message of technique, policy, data and hope. “I’m grateful to the Royal College and especially to my friend Sean Dinneen, FRCP, of the National University of Ireland, for working to bring diabetes into focus as well as the foot in particular.” Armstrong, a renowned expert in amputation prevention, has authored more peer reviewed manuscripts on diabetes and the foot than any other foot specialist in the world. “Sean’s work in establishing diabetic foot teams is already having a positive impact on the Republic of Ireland. It is my hope that this in this time of fiscal crisis in Ireland and throughout the EU, we can continue to make the advances in prevention that have been started. We see that the new podiatry school, opening next week in Galway is also a testament to that. Perhaps at no better time in the history of this area of medical specialty is it more apropos to make the case that prevention can pay.” Armstrong’s lecture was punctuated by numerous references to the lively economic demonstrations occurring less than a block away at Leinster House, the capital building of the Republic of Ireland.

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