SALSA Welcome 2009 Winston Churchill Fellow

Jason Warnock, an Australian podiatrist and a 2009 Winston Churchill
Fellow, concluded his 10 week North American tour with a visit to the
renowned Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) at the
University of Arizona. A Churchill Fellowship is the award of an
opportunity to enable Australian and British Citizens from all walks
of life to travel overseas to undertake an analysis, study or
investigation of a project or an issue that cannot be readily
undertaken in their home country. “We’re happy to welcome Jason on his
whirlwind North American tour” noted David G. Armstrong, Professor of
Surgery and SALSA’s Director. His in-depth work with Native American,
Aboriginal and First-Nation peoples promises to help him improve care
to the most needy people of Australia and beyond.” Warnock serves as
Program Manager of the Indigenous Diabetic Foot Program in Queensland,

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