UA "SALSA" Surgeons Publish Guidelines for Amputation Prevention

Professors David G. Armstrong and Joseph L. Mills, co-Directors of the University of Arizona ‘s Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) published a landmark “roadmap” for developing teams for amputation prevention. “We wanted to develop what we consider to be an essential set of skills for teams, worldwide, who want to develop successful programs for preventing amputations”, noted Armstrong, the work’s senior author.

The paper describes seven skills that doctors, nurses and other providers require to care for patients in a “complete” program caring for the diabetic foot. These programs are becoming increasingly necessary, in response to the rising tide of amputations in the USA and abroad. In fact, there is one diabetes-related amputation performed every 30 seconds, worldwide. The manuscript is published in the online edition of the plastic surgery journal, e-Plasty.

David G. Armstrong

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