Arizona Medicaid (AHCCCS): New Budget a Step in the Right Direction, but Leaves Many Patients Without a Leg to Stand On

We're heartened to see the legislature considering the inclusion of transplant into the current state AHCCCS budget. The other major item removed from the budget– preventative podiatric care for people with diabetes– leaves an entire population seeking care in the Emergency Room. How do we know? That's how we're still seeing them! 

We wish there was a solution to this most unpleasant fiscal conundrum. There is little doubt, though, that what we're seeing in this instance are small monies coming out of one budget (preventative podiatric care) being supplemented from another source (emergency room visits). 

David G. Armstrong

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  • Complete legislative failure and budgetary lunacy. Costs for treatment of DFU complications in this case will far exceed the costs of prevention.

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