Evolution of the Health Space: Improving the "DOC-SI-MITY" for Care

We already posted the spectacular rendition of the transformation of medicine (and healthcare) by Eric Topoi a couple of days ago! There is yet another fantastic evidence from Brian Dolan’s recent article entitled “9 Wireless Health Investments So far this Year“.

These range from Wireless Enabled Insulin Pump (Cellnovo), Social Networking Platform (Doximity), Basis Band’s Vital Parameter Monitoring, Expert Health Companion (HealthTap), Smart Phone Apps for Chronic Disease Management (Massive Health), Personal Health Hub (BL Healthcare) and Life Pebble’s Thermometry, ECG & Physical Activity Monitoring (Toumaz). It is worth mentioning that these modalities cross various pathologies and provide a unique “Spectral Analysis” for disease in question by improving usability and feedback. These investments are potentially going to feed into the evolution of medicine in coming years, improving the proximity for healthcare providers to patients.
We look forward to this change and many more to come that truly will make a difference!

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