Wound Healing: Stick and Rudder Visual Cues or Instrument-Rated?

We had a wonderful, lively, high-level discussion today in the lecture session at SAWC in Dallas on the new era of “theragnostics”. I allowed my spleen to vent a bit discussing frustration with the fact that the bulk of our assessments are visual and empiric in nature. In many ways, we're like early aviators– strictly going by “visual flight rules” without the benefit of instruments. While I would suspect this is a romantic notion for doctors and nurses, I would argue that the stick and rudder method of caring for patients ought to allow for a bit more navigational assistance from instruments. With the impending arrival of new “theragnostics” to assist us in quantifying inflammation, infection, blood flow, presence and quantity of “receptive receptors”, perhaps we can now augment our stick and rudder skills with an “instrument rating”. I would hope this will allow us to fly through those therapeutic cloud banks where our visibility is limited. Here's to that next jump in wound navigation.


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