Howdy from Desert Center

Greetings from Desert Center, California on a long-stretch of highway returning from Loma Linda University where we (Profs. Suby Gupta, Burkhardt Lehner, George Andros, Demitrios Demitriades) were working on a document to better define how we use devices for wound healing across medical and surgical disciplines. For those of you who are perpetually pummeled with data from all directions, sometimes it’s pleasant to turn it off and just drive.

That said… in the midst of this pensive tranquility, I couldn’t help myself and turned on my phone to take some photos of the lovely desert. I’d say it’s a hippocrite-ic oath rather than Hippocratic! Cheers, -DGA

David G. Armstrong

Dedicated to amputation prevention, wound healing, diabetic foot, biotechnology and the intersection between medical devices and consumer electronics.

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