Diabetes by the Numbers: Arizona, USA

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Diabetes by the Numbers: Arizona
The Prevalence of Diabetes in Arizona 
Diabetes is currently one of the ten leading causes of death in Arizona. In 2009,  390,000 persons in the state were estimated to have diabetes and the disease was estimated to affect the health of 8.1 percent of the adult population.(1)
Not only does diabetes cause detriment to the well-being of Arizona’s citizens, but it also puts a tremendous financial burden on the state. 
The Cost of Diabetes 
• The total cost of diabetes in Arizona exceeds $3.46 billion per year.(2)
• The American Diabetes Association estimates that a third of this cost stems from indirect costs such as lost work productivity, and that two thirds of the cost is a direct result of medical bills.
Complications from Diabetes 
• $62,281: the average cost of each amputation.(3)
• In 2009, about 850 non-traumatic lower limb amputations were performed in Arizona due to the 
effects of diabetes. 
• Diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic lower limb amputation; however, these amputations 
can be prevented.  
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