Download: Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam Form and ADA CDFE Pocket Chart



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    1. Kevin: Thanks a million! This is exactly what we want to hear. The big picture is to develop a worldwide “lingua franca” for assessment and care. Let us know if you find anything else on the site that you’d like posted or refined. Cheers, -DGA

      1. Always leading the way with saving diabetic limbs, David. WE know the import of the simple CDFE, Now we have to get the rest of the world and especially the medical community to realize its import as well. Keep up the great work.

  1. Thanks for sharing CDFE. Its going to be extremely useful for our practitioners at Orthofit to use while evaluating diabetic foot cases. Much appreciated.

  2. Dear David
    the Association for Podiatry intend to translate the Foot Examination pocket Chart. Do I need the right for this from ADA? We want to start to train the nurses and this would be a very good training support.
    Thank you

      1. Muchas gracias por compartir tan valiosa informaciĆ³n!! Saludos desde El Salvador

  3. Good evening, the scheme proposed by Professor David G. Armstrong summarizes and synthesizes the preventive, therapeutic and resolving perspective of those recalcitrant or non-recurrent lesions that may occur in the Diabetic Foot.
    On a well-sustained and conscientized basis of the vascular surgeon in preventing amputation and not allowing the progress of the same.
    The best medicine is the one that precave.
    My greetings and respect to Professor Armstrong, from Varadero, Cuba.

  4. Thank You for creating an outstanding, straight forward the Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam format.
    The Vascular Dept at Lourdes Hospital and I will be initiating foot and leg screenings for the general public tomorrow, 7/22/19 in Binghamton, NY. This format is an excellent reference for all involved.
    Thanks again.

  5. Hi DGA, I just attended your online talk this morning. I found this very interesting, but do you have a high resolution format that I can download? I want to discuss with Doctors in Vietnam to see if this is applicable.

  6. This is a great document. We are currently working at standardizing our approach in the public sector and this will come in handy..

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